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We are now fitting UPVC Windows, UPVC Doors & Composite Doors in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset near Bristol. We are Certass certified which means we always provide high quality  Windows and Doors installed by professionals in the North Somerset area. Get in touch to book your free no-obligation quote.   

Certass Certification Scheme membership requires that a contractor must be able to provide customers with:
  • A  guarantee covering the completed installation
  • Financial protection with an Independent Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) to cover the Building Regulations requirements for 6 years should they cease trading
  • Suitably qualified and assessed site operatives


weston super mare composite door
weston super mare composite door
weston super mare composite door
weston super mare composite door

At ZS Kitchen & Carpentry we offer a range of composite and UVPC doors with installation in Weston-Super-Mare and surrounding areas. Composite door ranges are below, our full range of UVPC and Composite doors are not yet on our website, so if you don’t see what you want send us message on the contact tab and we will get back to you ASAP.



The Italia Collection is quite simply the most luxurious range of composite doors in the UK market today, which has been inspired by the Italian passion for design and style.


The Contemporary Range is a new and exclusive collection of ultra-sleek composite doors. Unique designs, clean lines add a feel of real luxury to your home.


The Traditional Range  brings classic door styles into the modern era. Each beautifully crafted door style is suited to both traditional and modern properties alike.


UVPC Windows and Doors


We supply and fit certified UPVC Windows manufactured right here in the UK.  Below are the main types of double glazed windows we offer.

Fixed Double Glazed Windows

If you have an area or room in your home that is already well ventilated, fixed windows might be a good option. These cannot be opened and are used mainly to let in some natural light.

Casement Double Glazing Windows

Casement windows are the type that open outwards in the same way that a door might. Usually there are two on opposites sides of the frame. This type of window is a good alternative for sash windows that might not be easily reached and opened.

Gliding and Sliding uPVC Double Glazing Windows

Gliding and sliding windows work very similar to that of sliding patio doors. They move from side to side and sit behind another pane. These types of windows work best in small rooms with limited space but as only one side of the window can be open at any one time, they do not allow the same sort of airflow.

Awning Double Glazed Windows

Awning windows have their hinges at the top of the frame and open outwards. This type of uPVC double glazed window is great at letting the light in and also works very well in limited spaces as they can be opened easily from the bottom.

uPVC Double Glazed Windowscapes

“Windowscapes” are certainly among the most expensive options when it comes to double glazing. This is because they run right across the entire wall of a building. While they might cost a lot, these windows are great at letting in huge amounts of natural light and on properties with stunning exterior views these are the windows to have.

Single and Double Hung (Sash Window)

Hung windows are the types that slide up and down. Single hung means only one pane can slide while double hung allows both panes in the frame to be moved.

This type of vertical sliding panel is found most often in a design called Sash or Box Sash windows.

Bay & Bow Window

A Bay or a Bow window is a popular choice for any property that has an alcove in one of the main rooms on the front.  Bay window designs generally have 3 faces, a wide front and 2 short sides. Bow windows are curved with typically 5 facets. Both are “projecting” window styles.

Frequently they are the central point for many Victorian or Edwardian period style homes.

Rotating or Tilt & Turn uPVC Window

If you are looking for easy to clean windows then rotating or tilt & turn design might be the best option. Rotating styles usually work on a central pivot and can be rotated in any direction to be opened.  Tilting windows have specialised hinges in the frames that allow it to be opened inwards similar to a normal window, but also has a mechanism to tilt the window backward into the room. The amount of tilt is limited mechanically for safety reasons.