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Whirlpool SmartCook SMP 658C/BT/IXL Built-In Hob in Black

Cook anywhere on the completely flexible surface with pans of all shapes and sizes.




  • Thanks to the new 6TH SENSE intelligent sensors, you will experience a whole new way of cooking, with step-by-step assistance all the way to perfect dishes.
  • SmartSense Assisted-Cooking automatically sets the ideal temperature and time for up to 63 cooking combinations, from the most delicate to the most complicated, for perfect results every time. The interactive Assisted Text Display provides complete step-by-step guidance, including real-time tips and alerts to keep you on track.
  • 6TH SENSE Technology continuously checks the temperature, constantly adjusting it according to the dish you’ve chosen to cook. It sets the ideal pan temperature for melting, simmering, frying, griddling or gentle cooking, adapting the power level to your selected method.
  • Our FLEXIFULL hob design ensures that pots and pans of different shapes and sizes can be freely moved on the completely flexible hob surface. New cooking zones can be created, with up to 8 different temperatures used simultaneously or link them together to create one large cooking surface. And as you would expect with a Whirlpool induction hob, the temperature consistency across the cooking zone is completely even, for superior dishes every time.
  • The nanotechnology glass treatment applied to the iXelium full glass surface keeps the hob scratch resistant and easy to clean for an everlasting shine.


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